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1991 Kao's II Wiz*7*Dome

1992 Disturb N Tha Peace

1998 Blood of the Profit

2001 And The Word Became Flesh



Griff talks about melanin and it's physiological impact beyond it's function as protection against ultra-violet radiation.

Nov 5th 2006, psychological covert war on hip hop lecture:

Professor Griff - Covert Psychological War on Hip Hop

"Our genetic code is operating on a different time frequency than white people."

"The darker you are, the more melanin you have, the more chakras, the more energy centres you have."

"Because we have melanin, we hear sound different, taste things different... we have the full range of what an apple tastes like... What a G note, or D note sounds like... Because we have melanin. Other people can't do this."

Do these quotes come off sounding kind of racist (ie: those with darker skin pigmentation possess a greater potential for sensory perception)? I suppose it wouldn't be racist if it actually turned out to be true, but how can one scientifically quantify the degree that one experiences reality?

In Griff's recent appearance on the blogtalk show "The Arena", he addresses this particular point.

Blogtalk Channel "The Arena", 12/20/2010 6:30 PM (about 17 minutes in):

He talks about how we have to teach each what racism, white supremecy is, and teach it to our people so they don't become victims of it. The goal is to eradicate racism, white supremecy and bring justice to the planet earth, and humanity. "You may not think that includes white people but it does... because white people need to be taught also."

He mentions that in order to understand this better, we should investigate a few books:

1) Dr. Frances Cress Welsing - The Isis Papers

2) Dr. Neilly Fuller Jr. - The United-Independent Compensatory code/system/concept

The host mentions that racism, white supremecy was designed to prevent genetic annihilation of the european race. Griff says that we lose sight of that because "a lot of people are under the belief that we're all just red blooded humans." (18:40)

So we're not all just red blooded humans?

One thing he mentioned which seemed a bit far fetched was that melanin allows heat to be absorbed by the human body during the summer, and slowly released during the winter as a survival mechanism to cope with cold environments. (28 minutes in)

Perhaps this is a topic which deserves further investigation.

The intro for "Blood of the Profit" has Myron Fagan talking about the social conditioning of blacks, adapting them to "white" society.

Fagan talks about how fraternal orders, illuminati, CFR, masons, boule etc. are setting up the whites to feel guilty for the repression of blacks. Also, through social programming, they use blacks within mainstream arts, sports, and entertainment industries to intermarry, and reproduce with whites, possibly to fulfill some sort of communist objective to homogenize humanity.

Linked below is his entire lecture. After learning about the illuminati, he published a vinyl record to help spread the word.

Myron Fagan - The Council on Foreign Relations

Myron Fagan - The Council on Foreign Relations - Transcript

What is the connection between Griff and the information that Fagan presents, specifically the section about the social programming of both white and black people?

Fagan quotes from Israel Cohen's book "A Racial-Program for the 20th Century. The following passage is used to introduce Griff's album "Blood of the Profit":

"By instilling a guilt complex in the whites for their exploitation of the negroes. We will aid negroes to rise to prominence in every walk of life, in the professions, and in the world of sports and entertainment."

In response to this, is Griff saying that since the illuminati is trying to interbreed whites and blacks, then blacks should not reproduce with whites?

Does the following video from Griff's "Art of War" DVD imply that black men should only reproduce with black women?

Professor Griff - Sista's, where you at???

UPDATE: Upon further reflection, it actually appears that the reason for the disgust shown in the youtube video, where famous black men would choose to marry white women, was due to the disgust in the media which actively promotes this behaviour in society as some sort of symbol of success. I saw a video which helped me understand a bit more clearly:

The Modern Racist Paradigm

In effect, is Griff not promoting the use of the same tactics that the illuminati is using, namely the division of humanity according to racial/genetic differences? It's hard to say, namely because I don't really know anything about the science of melanin, dark matter, melatonin, emoto crystals and a number of other subjects.

Griff has had multiple assasination attempts, and had his house burnt down, most likely by the illuminati.

From Griff's book Analytix:

Kalonji: I hope you call me when it's time to talk (laughs). During the early 90's the Jewish community was upset about something you supposedly said. I heard that there was supposedly a hit out on you and there was actually a sniper from one particular Jewish organization on the roof at The Def Jam Building. Can you touch on that?

Professor Griff: I think just like any other Revolutionary trying to bring about a change with the people, especially a mental revolution, your own people are gonna want to fight you. Then you are going to get those who want to keep this thing on a hush, keep this thing as business as usual. Yeah, we gotta fight them also. There was an article in the paper (I still have the article) about how there was a Jewish gentlemen from the ADL across from RUSH Management company, on Elizabeth Street, Downtown Manhattan, shooting at the building. Thinking I was in there. They arrested him, and he did time. But you don't hear this stuff in the news, because our lives are not worth that much to people. This is not news worthy. So what another rapper dies. So they don't get it out to the masses of our people to the point where it hits us in the heart and we respond. We have been desensitized. That's just another nigga dead for them and for us it's business as usual, and we just push right along.

Griff says his house was burnt down on purpose

Professor Griff - The Illuminati's Gonna Kill me

Griff talks about a number of other incidents perpetrated against him when appearing on a radio interview with DJ 4TH WURLD:

DJ 4TH WURLD presents...The Shrine! 12/23/10 Part2 (about 16 minutes in)

1) "In this very same room that we're sitting in right now, I was sitting at that desk, someone bust through the door, snatched something off my computer and ran. I had to track him down accross the street, and my brothers and relatives had to hold him down."

2) "Travelling from L.A. to Las Vegas, with a co-worker of yours, um we were travelling along, and the window got shot out the car"

3) The house he was in before the one that burnt down had a gas problem, and he had to move out of that house.

This is stated again in the cointelpro revisited video. He mentions that he was poisoned; had his car window shot out; had a gas leak in his first house; had his second house blow up; and had an altercation at his studio on Peachtree street in Atlanta.

The Assassination of Professor Griff: COINTELPRO Revisited

Griff explains the origin of conscious hip hop, birthed from the black nationalism movement

Prof Griff Hip-Hop 101

Griff clarifies that ancient symbolism isn't necessarily "evil" simply because it's being used by the illuminati in our modern world.

It's likely common knowledge that the symbols used by modern free-masonry originated from ancient Kemet (Egypt). Because these symbols (the sun; the obelisk; the checkered floor etc.) are used by the modern day power structure, are they necessarily "evil"? The answer is no. They're simply symbols. Griff talks about how it's not about sun worship (ie: Peter Joseph's Zeitgeist documentary). It's about what the sun represents (ie: life, and life giving energy). That doesn't automatically mean it's all about paganism. It's not about literal sun worship. It's symbolic.

Proffessor Griff reponds to Right Wing Chrisitans

Griff appears on Alex Jones documentary "The Obama Deception".

Alex Jones includes both Professor Griff and KRS-ONE in his documentary "The Obama Deception".

The Obama Deception Extras:Interviews with, Professor Griff, KRS-One

Griff had an interview in XXL magazine talking about 9/11; and CIA false flag ops.

Couldn't find the actual article, here's the reference:

Griff references XXL article about 9/11

XXL - 2001 Volume 5 December - Griff Drops Knowledge

Griff mentions the boule (sigma pi phi) in his "blood of the profit" album.

Right after the intro, the first song, at 2:20:
"Tragedy and hope, nope
you want packs and facts,
then free geronimo pratt
with snares and hi hats,
with black greek boule backbacks
dump that 40 oz black."

These dudes, Brother TS, and Big Reece. They seem to have some sort of beef with the way Griff's conducted his business.

Brother TS seems pissed at Griff. It's something to do with them paying him money for a collaborative production, then they ended up with some sub standard vocals or something. Check it out.

It would seem counter intuitive for Griff to be promoting the Boule, but from this, it seems like he's saying the greek fraternity is a positive thing. Is that right?

The True Professor griff Part 6

Listen to the lyrics, they're pretty harsh with Griff.

The Movie about Hip Hop and The Cops - Rap Sheet

Griff makes reference to this documentary regarding the government / FBI surveillance of hip hop artists. Evidently there is a degree of power which comes with thousands of people chanting your words. As long as they continue to be about drugs and violence, the show can go on.

Rapsheet: Hip Hop & The Cops