In Lenon Honor's documentary "Hip Hop, the Hidden Hand, and the Degradation of Black Masculinity", Griff is supposedly exposed as being "compromised" from his dealings with the music industry.

Hip Hop The Hidden Hand - Addendum

Hip Hop The Hidden Hand - Addendum Clarifications

Hip Hop The Hidden Hand - Interview Update

The centre piece of evidence which is presented by Lenon is the artwork for the cover (Griff said it was designed by the guy standing behind him, named "Society") of the single "Blackdraft". Because Griff is shirtless, this is interpreted as Griff possibly being engaged in a homosexual act, thus fitting into the degredation of black masculinity theme. Lenon has said that his intention wasn't to call Griff homosexual, but that Griff had compromised himself on the album cover.

Lenon went on to say that he's interpreted the chorus of the "Blackdraft" single ("The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice"), to be referring to "the anus".

Griff initially responded to this by posting facebook messages asking Lenon to contact him to discuss this. There was a message he sent to Lenon's wife, Ayida, "Tell yo pussy ass husband to call me 678-557-2919". Lenon has mentioned that he views this as disrespectful to his wife. Griff also posted a comment saying "I'll be in Cali, what's your address dude?". This may be what Lenon is referring to as a "threat". I do recall that at some point, there's reference to griff's soldiers in the field or whoever, his group, they found on the internet Lenon Honor's address. Griff said something like, no man, don't go there and harass him, he doesn't know any better, something to that effect. It kind of gave off the impression that Lenon's family could be at risk due to Griff's rabid fans wanting to defend his honor. Perhaps this had something to do with Lenon essentially being forced into saying he was sorry for what he did, and how the whole thing just created a negative energy that wasn't worth his time.

Griff has responded to the addendum in multiple venues, although some video's were made private, I do have available Griff's talk about Lenon which now appears as an unavailable on youtube, as well as Black Dot's speech about Lenon's presentation. The implication at the time was that Lenon was some kind of agent out to discredit Griff.

The Cointel Pro Revisited video that was posted on Youtube was removed along with Black Dot's speech regarding the Lenon Honor situation. Therefore, here it is for download:

The Assassination of Professor Griff: COINTELPRO Revisited(download)

Black Dot - The True Meaning of Hip Hop(download)

Blogtalk Channel "The Arena", 12/20/2010 6:30 PM

Griff on Abundance Child Radio, 12/16/2010 5:00 PM

Since "The Shrine" radio shows are removed from download after a while, here are the actual files:

DJ 4TH WURLD presents...The Shrine! 12/23/10 Part1

DJ 4TH WURLD presents...The Shrine! 12/23/10 Part1(download)

DJ 4TH WURLD presents...The Shrine! 12/23/10 Part2

DJ 4TH WURLD presents...The Shrine! 12/23/10 Part2(download)

The original video with Griff talking in Black and Nobel Books was edited to take out the sections where he was defending himself like he was under attack from Lenon Honor.

Griff at Black and Nobel Books(removed)

The new video still has the old tags associated with it, so it's clear that Griff was was spending his time talking about the situation with Lenon Honor.

Griff at Black and Nobel Books(shortened)

Griff's response to the meaning of the blackdraft album cover is that just as other famous artists have gone shirtless in the past on an album cover, so has he. So, in other words, since it was a cultural norm at the time, it's perfectly acceptable. Also, he says that the album cover is meant to represent the "triple black darkness", the darkness of the mothers womb, analogous to the darkness of the void which created the universe. He mentions that this is part of the lesson he teaches about "the metaphysical goddestry of the soul of hip hop".

Also, the meaning behind the chorus of "Blackdraft" ("The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice"), is that the higher melanin content of an individual, the more connected with the universe one is.

Finally, Lenon and Griff were able to make peace and bury the hatchet. It mainly consisted of Lenon saying he may have overdone it, and Griff basically agrees, saying yes Lenon, you did something which wasn't helpful and kind of scolded him for it a bit.

Peace Amongst Men with Black Dot and Lenon Honor

Peace Amongst Men with Profesor Griff and Lenon Honor

Infamousjblack / Albertwesker721 proves himself as a shill. Attacks Lenon Honor, and other youtubers.

Infamousjblack99 essentially says that Lenon ripped off other youtubers material and didn't give them the proper credit for their productions. Jblack specificially references his "Spellbound" video (make along with his cohort xmercurysxsonx) which references the Run DMC "Kings of Rock" video, and the basic nursery rhyme structure behind hip hop music.

Hidden Hand discussion session #11 1:08:20

The Infamousjblack99 / Albertwesker721 accounts are now removed from Youtube. I made a few notes about a video (which is now removed) which was once posted regarding the dealings between Lenon honor and Professor Griff. Here are assertions he made. Jblack questioned Lenon's online entreupeneurship. It appeared dishonorable to him for Lenon to solicit for funding through his online productions as well as through his other items he may sell through his website.

He goes on to say that concepts for Lenon's videos were picked from youtubers like "Rev12eleven", and his "Rap Revelations" series; as well as from the "StargazingSportsLive" channel.

Jblack questions Lenon's faith in god. He says that Lenon is a plant who's tapping into the afrocentric community for monetary gain. He thinks that Lenon and Griff are in collusion, or conspiring to create a contraversy to drum up more business, and "work" their audience.

He mentions a bunch of other youtubers in the so called "conscious movement" who have supposedly fallen off and also fallen victim to the scammy money chase (jessewoodrow; theindustryexposed; possibly TheForerunner777; and ThePopCulturePastor).

Lastly, regarding his source recognition comment, and the supposed hypocracy of Lenon, he has a screenshot where Lenon left a comment to Abbott360 which talks about Griff not giving credit to Bobby Hemmitt who exposed the gay Boule. Therefore, his assertion is that Lenon Honor is a hipocrite since he didn't give him (Jblack) the credit he deserves for all the supposedly groundbreaking video productions he created.

9revolta does an excellent video raising important issues about the truth movement, and with Jblack's strange behaviour... while it lasted.

Truth Movement Not So True?

More on Jblack, he goes on to expose youtuber "humanbatteries911" as yet another ripoff artist who doesn't give proper credit. Ironically, as 9revolta points out, while humanbatteries911 seeks to expose youtubers, he supposedly get's exposed by the likes of Jblack. Here is the video where humanbatteries911 "exposes" the top 100 youtuber's as being largely built up of occultists and actors who basically feed the so called alternative net based media seekers a bunch of homo-erotic occultism.

Warning, this is somewhat painful to watch, do so at your own risk

Youtube Celebrities - Exposed by humanbatteries911

Lenon Honor is the subject of a number of videos made by GODS777BOULETV. The lengths that the creator of this video goes to, to somehow "Expose" Lenon Honor is ridiculous.


Where does this leave us? Is GODS777BOULETV Jblack in another form? Are we all satisfied Jblack was a shill? Are we all satisfied GODS777BOULETV is a shill? Are we all satisfied that these people, whether useful idiots, or agents of the evil empire, aren't really doing anything to help improve humanity by "exposing" certain guru's or supposed scholars to be frauds who base their contentions upon assumption through their use of emotionalism and insinuations? Could I be a hipocrite right now for even thinking such things? No, it comes down to the facts. Why cloud the discussion with judgement, with subtle insinuations and gestures? The thing is, it's nice to know where your information is coming from, which in fact is a large part of the reason was created in the first place. Let's get it straight, who said who did what? Where is all this bullshit coming from? The thing is, "exposing" others won't really do any good since it usually plays out with one side challenging the other side's character with some weak argument, and it goes back and forth without any ACTUAL dialogue. This is exactly what happened between Lenon Honor and Professor Griff. Due to the ensuing ego-storm, Lenon's point seems to have been missed. That point is: What if there are so called "conscious" hip hop leaders (even though Griff may say he's not a leader, he is, leading by example) who are simply putting on a show, meanwhile misleading their followers? Griff even references Steve Cokely who raises key isues to do with Jesse Jackson and Martin Luther King.

"Jesse Jackson Killed Martin Luther King". pt 1 Steve cokely

Steve made his presentation about MLK's assassination, the thing is, he's actually able to document his findings. Not like these ridiculous youtubers who say they have have a sneaking suspicion that Lenon Honor and Griff are working behind the scenes to really score some amazing money in the online donations / DVD business. I think I remember Jblack saying something like, "It's Malcolm (X) and Martin (MLK) all over again, they play off one another... blah blah blah. It's become pretty apparent that there are shills in every facet of the media. On the conspiracy side for instance, you have Jesse Ventura.

Theories about Jesse Ventura Police State

What's wrong with at least asking questions? Lenon asked questions, and Griff took it as a personal attack since it challenged his character. Throughout the whole ordeal, it just felt like Lenon was being super-pressured to back off. Insinuations were thrown out here and there that Griff knew where he lived, that Lenon's family might be in danger of retaliation from raging Professor Griff fans. The whole thing became a mess that got out of control. All because two opposing forces (which are supposedly on the same team) had to somehow "expose" each other. I can see why lenon removed his original article, even with all his "to be a man, you must have no fear" stuff, it would appear that he just went, hey, this isn't worth it to risk my family and alienate people, it would seem like a good time to put the ridiculous-ness aside.