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KRS ONE appears on Alex Jones documentary "The Obama Deception".

KRS One associates himself with Alex Jones to some degree since he appears on his documentary, "The Obama Deception", as well as being interviewed on his radio show. The Alex Jones info-sphere is said by some to be somewhat of a "limited hangout" (ie: to volunteer some truth, but holds back important information). Could KRS be the same way? You decide.

The Obama Deception Extras:Interviews with, Professor Griff, KRS-One

KRS One on Alex Jones Radio Show

Alex Jones - Limited Hangout

KRS ONE with Doug-E Fresh on the Def Jam Poetry

This def jam poetry session he did is often brought up, explaining that KRS has somehow fallen to the dark side, the Oprah side, the side of "The Secret", that thinking positive thoughts alone will somehow improve all our lives for the better.:

Def Jam Poetry - KRS One And Doug E Fresh

"Educate yourself make your world view bigger, visualize wealth, and put yourself in the picture"

This has likely been misinterpreted. KRS is likely aware that thought must lead to action in order for actualization to occurr.

Robert Anton Wilson addresses this for instance on pg. 52 of "The Illuminati Papers" where he says:

"Let's not confuse self-fulfilling prophecy with the puerilities of positive thinking or other Pollyanna (The Glad Game) philosophies that ignore reality totally in favor of a cocoon of self delusion."

Also in that clip, KRS says the following:

"What does the rich vs. poor really mean?
psychologically it means you got to pick your team"
"We must order the whole new world to pay us
the new world order and the old state chaos."
"the Big brother watching over you is a lie you see
Hip hop has built it's own secret society"

He seems to indicate that there will always be dividing lines between the haves and the have nots. It's up to the individual to decide to gett off their duff and do something about it.

The secret society he's referring to seems to be the The whole 5 percent faction, which is based on the teachings of the Nation of Islam. Erykah Badu, Busta Rhymes, The RZA, Guru and a number of other "mainstream" artists are associated with this ideological "group". There is some question that the five percenters are somehow related to luciferianism (ie: not satanism) since they view themselves as gods.

The Gospel of Hip Hop

In his book "The Gospel of Hip Hop". I notice on pg 484, he quotes the famous freemason, Manly P. Hall, who says:

"We are in darkness as long as we are negative and the world in which we live is positive. The mystical experience reveals the eternal truth that consciousness is positive, and to it all environments are negative."

Make of it what you will.

KRS on globalization and the new world order

KRS-ONE - Globalization

4:29 - KRS addresses globalization - The end of identity based on religion, or geographical area.

"Human nature itself is moving towards a global new world order. This is going to go on regardless."

"Hip hop is the steering wheel of globalization."

"America created the global village, now it's reluctant to go into it. This is the challenge we face".