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Jay-Z got his start rapping alongside Jaz-O. They got involved in the "conscious hip hop" movement with the release of "The Originators"

1986 – HIGH POTENT (THE JAZ & JAY Z) - H.P. Gets Busy - (1st record featuring JAY Z)

1989 – THE JAZ Featuring JAY Z - Hawaiian Sophie

1990 – THE JAZ Featuring JAY Z - The Originators

In "The Originators" video, it's apparent that there's a significant change from J&J's previous collaborations. The Originators video contains numerous references to the "black conscious community", specifically, the "Nubian Nation of Moors".

This group of individuals is somewhat linked with those who call themselves "Black Hebrew Israelites". This group was led by an individual named "Dr. Malachi Z. York". The group also went by other names: "The Ancient Mystic Order of Malchizedek"; "AMOM"; The Nuwaubians; "The Nuwaupians"; "Right Knowledge"; "The Yamassee Native American Tribe"; "The Washitaw Tribe"; "The Egiptian Church Of Karast"; "The Holy Tabernacle Ministries"; "The Holy Seed Baptist Synagogue" and "The Ancient Egyptian Order".

Nubian Nation of Moors Website

The information this/these group(s) present(s) largely surrounds topics which include UFO's, conspiracy theories; and "alternative" ancient history. It should be clear from the company Jay-Z kept back then, he's come out of an environment rife with teachings of the "black conscious community". This should leave no doubt that Jay is well aware of the occult; popular conspiracy theories; and alternative ancient histories.

In the music video for "The Originators", there are a number of quick cuts and flashed symbology. Following is a summary:

- A woman says: "it is indeed a pleasure to see so many nubian faces, so many original faces here tonight". This is likely referring to the "black man" being the "original man" on the planet. This corresponds to what Professor Griff talks about frequently.

- There's a shot of a street sign which says "Bushwick Avenue". Bushwick is where Malachi York had his headquarters located for the Nubian nation. Also located in the Bushwick neighbourhood, a nubian laundromat is shown as well.

"The mission expanded and moved to a new headquarters in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, originally occupying one building seven forty three Bushwick Avenue, and then adding on more buildings as time passed until it had grown to a village which presently exist on Bushwick Avenue till this day."

Nubian Nation Biography

- There's reference made to a newspaper article which is quickly flashed. It's entitled:

Unrest Not Over Yet, South Africans Say Racial strife: Both left-wing blacks and right-wing whites are critical of ANC-government accord.

- Towards the end of the video, we see Nubian Nation members together in matching outfits holding a framed picture, presumably this would be one of the moorish hebrew israelite leaders.

- Within the lyrics of the song, we hear reference to an ancient culture known as "The Amorites". From the lyric, it's presumed that the Amorites are an ignorant people in comparison to nubians:

"Excitin the mic much to the delight of millions of Nubians And Amorites just can't understand the groove we're in."

- Lastly, Jaz and Jay present themselves as spiritual teachers:

"The lyrical miracle writer, flippin until it drives you crazy seek spiritual help from Jaz and Jay Zee."

In order to understand this topic in greater detail, there's a book which is often referenced entitled:

Black Zion: African American religious encounters with Judaism, edited by Yvonne Chireau, and Nethaniel Deutsch.

Clearly, from the evidence shown, Jay-Z had from the beginning established himself to be in connection with the black conscious community; moorish science; and "The Black Hebrew Israelites".