1998: Can-I-Bus

2000: 2000 B.C. (Before Can-I-Bus)

2001: C True Hollywood Stories

2002: Mic Club: The Curriculum

My Name is Nobody

The Brainstream EP

2003: Rip the Jacker

2005: Mind Control

Def Con Zero

MicClub Mixtape Master, Volume 1

2005: Hip-Hop for Sale

2007: For Whom the Beat Tolls

2010: Melatonin Magik

2010: C of Tranquility


Canibus says he's a mason, then later says he's not?

From the album "Brainstream", the song "Falster Ego", Canibus has an inner dialogue with his alter ego, "Rip the Jacker":

"Germaine, you fuckin' water brain, don't you understand?
fuck the mainstream, you should just call out names
The industry's all about game...
I shit on 'em all the same and leave spit stains on they brain
Like liquid chocolate spillin' all over ya' new white trainers
Insane is an understatement, I'm Satan
Canibus is a Mason, I don't know what the fuck Germaine is
I just know that both ya'll are trying my patience
I don't give a fuck about a beat I been rhymin' for ages
Rippers are dangerous, and all jackers are afraid of us
You wanna' face me Bis? Kick a rhyme!"

"No, That's ridiculous..."

Then, in "Melatonin Magik", Bis says:

"NO I'm not a Mason, I'm followin my trainin"

Here are some other thoughts someone has had on the album:

The blogger Justify Theory talks about Melatonin Magik here

Canibus makes reference to Stephen Greer, and Alex Jones, notable online "conspiracy theorists".

In the song "Kriminal Kindness" off the album "Melatonin Magik", Bis says:

"I denounce fear like Steven Greer and his wife
The subject matter sound barely connected
Even when it's understood it's rarely respected
The evidence is staring directly at the detective
Alex Jones left me a message saying I won't be accepted
NOW who's the skeptic

The Melatonin Magik Deception
I will never be available for questions, get the fuck out my session
I've learned my lesson, media suppression is a weapon
They fucked up Hip Hop's progression

1) So, he's saying a number of things here. He makes reference to Steven Greer, who runs "The Disclosure Project" as well as "The Orion Project" to disclose the truth about aliens, and free-energy technology. There has been much talk about the validity of Mr. Greer's work, and there is suspicion that he's a disinfo agent.

Above Top Secret - Is Greer Disinfo?

Project Camelot - Steven Greer

Bis is a believer in aliens on earth. He makes reference to aliens in other songs as well. For example:

Canibus - Secrets Amongst Cosmonauts

"Stop the hatred, and stop being racist
I believe the Cosmonauts will come down and save us."

This is esentially tied in with the idea that there are aliens in orbit around earth at this moment. The masses are kept in the dark about them, and they want to help us get on the right track. They've supposedly tried to help before, but since the military usually just attacks them, they're kind of hanging out until things settle down and the population is ready for them. As if this a "Project Blue Beam" scenario which is actually real.

2) He's also saying that Alex Jones contacted him, and told him that he wouldn't be accepted. Now, the question is, what won't he be be accepted for? Is it:

a) into the maintream programmed hip hop industry

- He's saying Alex Jones questions whether he's able to stay afloat in the hip hop game when he delves into more "conscious" topics than the mainstream "shit-hop". Bis is skeptical that he can do it.


b) into the alternative truth movement

- He's saying he's got an understanding beyond what Alex Jones has. His skeptical nature puts him in a position beyond the limited "truth movment".

3) He's saying that the mainstream media is supressing the consciousness of humanity.

Based on his "Beef" with LL Cool Jay, Canibus seems to have gained a better understanding of the hip hop music industry.

Listen to this: Canibus - Poet Laureate II

(From the album, "Rip The Jacker")

"For 2 bars I kept hearin in my head
over and over again, it cost me everything"...

He seems to be referring to his "beef" with LL cool Jay that started on the song "4,3,2,1", where Canibus said: "L, is that a mic on your arm? Let me borrow that"

..."I'm convinced now that more than truth is at stake
Where people create language that pretends to communicate
Euphemisms are misunderstood as mistakes
but its a bi-product of the ghetto music we make
From an extroverted point of view I think its too late
Hip Hop has never been the same since '88
Since it became a lucrative profession there's a misconception
that a movement in any direction is progression
Even though of the potency of it lessens
big money industries writing checks to suppress the question"

So, he's saying that the whole 4,3,2,1 thing was a misunderstanding, but it's still had a massive impact on his career in "The Industry". He then goes on to say that the industry is trying to suppress certain information from getting through to the public.